Monday, May 22, 2017


To Live

This little girl
hasn't been up past 9:00 at night.
She hasn't
heard of the horrors of the world
or been out to see a movie with her friends but no parents.
This little girl
hasn't gotten her ears pierced,
she hasn't had a crush,
and she hasn't gone out on a bike ride by herself.
she's learning to read and write.
She's learning to ride a bike
and to count past 50.
She's hearing the wonders of the world
and finding beauty in everything,
including herself.
This little girl is living her life
and not worrying about anything.

Monday, May 15, 2017

"Who Am I" video presentation

"Who Am I" Video

Monday, May 1, 2017

Alex's, Hobbies/Interests

I Love

I love
soft colors
that spread across the smooth evening sky.
I love
chilly water
splashing up on my thin legs.
I love
the feeling of gentle sand on my fragile feet.
I love
the smell of the salty ocean air
and the crisp, cool breeze on my face.
I love
my friends
and the sound of their laughter
and their sweet smiles.
I love knowing that even though the world around me is falling asleep, everything will wake up again.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Planning: Who Am I

Things that are important to me include my family and my friends. I make sure I can spend as much time as possible with them, especially because I will be leaving for college soon. Sports are also important to me incase there is any drama in my life. Sports help me to push all my worries behind and put all my anger or sadness or happiness into a game. Another thing that's really important to me is taking pictures and writing and reading. I love being creative because that's the way I can express myself and is another way I can put all my emotions into something I'm doing. I hope to be successful and have a happy life. I want a nice family, a nice job, and a nice place to live. I want to go to college and find a job I really love. I want to find more people I really love and stick with the people I love now because relationships are important to me.
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For my theme, I want to focus on traveling/the adventures I've gone on in my life. I want to take pictures/video footage from years ago and work up to my life now.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton

Cindy Sherman:
She uses herself to address various issues of the modern world, such as the role of the woman, the role of the artist, and many other things. She has raised important questions about the role and representation of women in society, in the media, and in the nature of the creation of art. She grew up as the youngest of five children, but she was not particularly involved in the arts as a young person (neither were her parents). It wasn't until college that she had any concept of the art world, and the only idea she had of being an artist before that was of the boardwalk artists who did caricatures or a courtroom artist. Her pictures display her in the roles of B-movie actresses; she plays a type - not an actual person, but rather a self-fabricated fictional one. There are few clues as to Sherman's personality in her self-portraits - each one is extremely unique and ambiguous.

Brandon Stanton:
He began the Humans of New York project in hope to create a catalogue of the city's inhabitants; he also eventually began to interview them. He wants to express the unique qualities of each person and tell each person's story the best he can. Brandon Stanton grew up in a suburb of Atlanta and later majored in history at the University of Georgia. After, he bought a camera when he was working as a bond trader in Chicago. When he later lost his job, he began photographing full-time. Even though he saw his "fair share of laundry", he earned a huge name for himself.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Selfies, to be or not to be

1. What do you think the purpose of the selfie is? Explain.
I think the purpose of a selfie is to express yourself. It may help you feel good about yourself, and you may want to share that with the world. I think a selfie can be the way to show the world how you want people to see you. A selfie can be your version of art and can boost self-confidence. If you like taking selfies, than it can be a hobby. A selfie may also portray who you want to be.

2. Do you think that the selfie is a form of "Art"? Why or why not?
I think art can be whatever you want it to be; so yes, a selfie can be a form of art. Art is an expression of yourself, whether you have a lot of skill or not. However, the definition of art had to do with creative and imaginative expression, which a selfie can include. There is a difference between good art and bad art - although, that can still be based on opinion. Especially with a selfie, people are trying to look their best and really so who they are. This helps portray creative thinking and interest in different visual representations.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017



  • To explore Halloween and its connections to "paranormal" and "levitation"; 
  • To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography; 
  • To make connections from levitation to real-world uses; 
  • To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers. 

In what ways did looking at the visual levitation photography examples impact your work? In other words, how did the resources help you to create your levitation photographs? What websites were the most helpful? 
Looking at the visual levitation photography examples helped me to understand how other people put a background and a person together creatively. It showed me how picking a good background and a convincing stature helps to portray levitation. For instance, if you want to make a person look like they are flying, have their hair out behind them and their clothes blowing in the wind. This helped me to make my levitation pictures more convincing, even if I had a silly background. Levitation Photography 7 Tips for Getting a Great Image ( helped me to learn how to plan a shot. Secrets of the Best Levitation Shots Shared ( helped me to focus on lighting, composition, and subjects and backgrounds. 

What were the successes (what went well, what are your strengths), include why you see these things as strengths. 
I believe that I did well with picking backgrounds and making them go with the person and their action. I think that my photo and my person both have a nice flow that connect well. I did well with focusing on the lighting; making sure the lighting in the background connects to the lighting on the subject and the shadows. I also had a strength in positioning the subjects in a creative way that went well with the background. The last thing that I want to point out is that I did well with paying attention to detail and making sure the subject was well cut-out. 

What were your challenges of this project AND how did you deal with these difficulties? 
I was not sure how to use quick mask, so at first I asked a friend and they showed me another way to cut the person out of the picture. That was not the way I was supposed to do it, so then I looked it up online quickly, but I couldn't find anything. After, I asked another friend and they taught me the correct way to use quick mask. I also didn't know how to make the person lighter, so I asked my teacher. Then, I was not sure how to make a shadow and so I looked on the provided levitation document that explained how to make a shadow.